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Flood Damage? 

                                                                                                                    Call Zac of All Trades (ZOAT) for clean-up and remediation. (832)428-5573

Flood Damage Clean-up & Remediation Services

Zac of All Trades (ZOAT) is a construction services business which provides ancillary support  to residential builders, commercial builders,  realtors, and home investors.  Additionally, ZOAT's Handyman Division provides homeowners and businesses with handyman labor.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

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  • Construction Trash Removal & Hauling
  • Exterior & Interior Demolition
  • Disaster Clean-up & Remediation
  • Fencing Installation
  • House Demolition

Whether residential or commercial, choosing construction labor or a handy man can be scary.  Call ZOAT and RELAX!  We will handle it all.  We have 21 years of experience and connections to bring your job to a successful completion.


Zac of All Trades (ZOAT)  employs a team of skilled workers in various trades of construction.  Our mission is to provide a one stop shop for all your construction needs.  

ZOAT ...trusted and dependable for over 20 years